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I’ve never actually seen a notebook like this, it has white lines on a grey background, which is pretty interesting. The point of this is to avoid distraction, making your notes or drawings stand out on the paper. It also prevents you from straining your eyes to read the text between the traditional black lines.

The Whitelines notebook


The cover is really nice, and also sturdy. The covers of both of my notebooks are still intact and doing well, and they get thrown about and shoved in draws quite frequently (sorry).


The quality of the paper is insane, I wasn’t expecting it to be as good as it is. It’s thick and I’ve never experienced any pen bleed through the page. However, it might depend on how hard you write, or how inky the pen is!

Writing quality

I mainly use this notebook because every pen I use looks amazing on it. I use quite a lot of different pens, and none of them have ever smudged on this paper, something which I experience a lot with my Rhodia Dotpad. The fact that it’s grey paper and white lines really helps your writing to stand out, especially when you’re using colours.


Both the A4 and A5 notebooks consist of 60 sheets. I’ve been using these for a few months now, and I’m only about half way through each, which is amazing!


Don’t write over the squares on the corners of the paper if you want to scan your notes, it won’t scan if there’s writing over them!

The Whitelines application

The Whitelines app is free on Iphone and Android smartphones! Some people have mixed opinions on it, but I think it’s great. You have the option on each piece of paper to tick a “Quick Box” in order to receive your scanned image to your e-mail, Evernote or Dropbox account.

For me, the app is my saviour. I basically use the notebooks for my ‘neat’ revision notes, so having them appear photocopied and being able to save them on my phone is amazing. It means I can revise wherever I am, without needing internet access, as long as I save them to my photo album!

How the app works

You simply open the app, press the camera button and hold your phone over the sheet of notes. It’ll line up the squares and the background will turn white, making your notes appear photocopied, as shown below!


Some lighter colours may not show up when you scan your photo, so if that’s something you’re concerned about use darker colours.


Where you can buy Whitelines notebooks

You can find out where to buy Whitelines notebooks in your local country by clicking here. If not, you can order them on Amazon, which is what I do!

Review Summary


  • The fact the paper is grey with white lines prevents distraction when reading over your notes. It also prevents you from straining your eyes!
  • Your notes and drawings stand out.
  • The application enables you to scan your notes so you can look at them wherever, and back them up by sending it to your e-mail, Evernote and Dropbox account.
  • The paper is thick and amazing quality, and is so smooth to write on.
  • You can easily buy them on Amazon.
  • They aren’t THAT expensive for a notebook, for some people they may be a little pricey, but you pay for what you get, and it’s totally worth it.


  • Writing out the squares means you can’t scan those notes! (Although Whitelines posted a hack on Instagram, cut out the square on that piece of paper and it’ll detect the square on the one behind, meaning you can scan them!).
  • Some colours don’t show up when scanned, nothing that can be helped, but obviously would be nice if they did!
  • Not really a con, but I’d love the notebooks to be thicker with more paper.
  • There isn’t really any cons, not that I can notice, sorry!

That’s all I have to say about the Whitelines notebook. It’s the main notebook I use, and I write near enough all of my revision notes in it. I hope this review has helped some of you decide whether or not it’s worth the purchase!

Whitelines has received the permission to post this user review, original blog post can be found here. Instagram: @Zoestudies

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