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| Category: News | By Anna Hansson

“When do you come to the Phillipines, France, Mexico, Malaysia, India, Russia, Portugal?” We get many questions why we are not present on all markets. This is an attempt to answer them all by telling a little more about us.

Meet true needs

Whitelines was founded on the premises that all people are creative and that we all have equal rights to develop and learn new. Therefore we created a product to humbly guide and inspire you, instead of standing blunt in the way and dictate harsh conditions. To be able to do so we have made it our mission to develop products that meet true needs of the user. Our business model has for that reason been focused on operating as close to the user as possible, and, through our license partners.

Sweden – a country far far away

This means that Whitelines historically hasn’t had the ambition to grow internationally at high speed. This would simply have required too much resources to keep the level of activity on markets we don’t know enough about. To launch Whitelines on a new market far away from Sweden in a country where we don’t know the culture, don’t speak the language and are not familiar with the retail world would be an almost stupid operation. And the product would be very expensive for the customer as well.

Our aim

We hope though this will soon change though. Now our offer has been proven and we know how to communicate with you in an inclusive way. We believe that Whitelines more swiftly now can be adapted to new markets still with our values tight and our users in focus, and that is was we are aiming to do.

Import option

Meanwhile.., if you live in a place where Whitelines cannot be found please go to the Where to buy page and choose “all other countries” in the country listing to see where you can import it from. Hopefully there is an online store close enough to have your Whitelines shipped. But even more hopefully you will soon find your Whitelines close enough to get yourself to the store!
And finally, thank you for all encouragement, patience and love! Please don’t stop reaching out. You are all royal.

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