Questions about Whitelines paper

Why white lines?

Lines on paper support structure for your ideas. White lines give support without distracting your eyes, and makes your writing and drawings stand out. It’s easy; dark lines distract, white lines don´t.

Is white lines better for me?

The background is tinted in a light grey tone which makes it less tiring for the eye than using a white paper. Dark supporting lines have the same contrast as the pen you write with and that creates a conflict in your brain. Take away the conflict and you’ve helped your brain by eliminating unnecessary distractions.

Does the lines disappear when you copy or scan Whitelines paper?

They do! When you copy or scan the Whitelines page the background and lines will disapear. Left is the pen stokes. You can automatically scan the paper with Whitelines free App.

See example here

What is the gram weight of the paper?

It varies between products and countries. The standard for the European sized (A-format) products is 80 gsm for all soft cover products (WL100-105) and 100 gsm for the hard cover products (WL230-233). The standard for the U.S. products is 70 gsm. The standard for Japaneese products is 80 gsm.

Does the paper bleed-through?

In general, our paper has very little bleed-through but since we have products with 70-100 gsm paper it varies between the products. You can use watercolour, calligraphy etc. on our paper and you can find examples on Whitelines Instagram account under the high-light “Quality”.

Questions about Whitelines App

How do I capture (scan) a note?

Download the free Whitelines App on Android or iPhone

  1. Tap the camera icon to enter capture mode. Whitelines App will capture your note automatically when it detects the full page (including all four corner codes), with the logo at the bottom of the page. Whitelines App detects, capture, and straightens your note out, and also removes the background automatically.
  2. If you have several pages of notes that you’d like to save as a stack, simply stay in the capture mode and continue capture pages one at a time. Of course, you can also save your notes to existing stacks in the app.
  3. Save, Use, and Share the Notes

Tips! Tick quickboxes on the paper to do any of the following:

  • mail your note
  • save your note to Dropbox or Evernote

See short video

The app does not work?

Check the following:

  • That the app is updated to the latest version.
  • That you scan the paper with the right side up (vertically). You should have the Whitelines logo in the bottom of the page.
  • That you have enough storage capacity on your phone.
  • That lighting is sufficient, you can also try and use the flashlight (click on symbol in app).

If you still have problems, send us an email!

What other apps are compatible with Whitelines App?

You can share your note with any image processing app that you’ve installed on your phone such as Email, Instagram, Evernote, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Line etc.

Why does the app remove light colored areas?

The app is optimized for note taking and therefore has a feature of removing shadows. A larger coloured area can therefore be mistaken for being a shadow and automatically removed. Light colours that are too close to white will be removed together with the lines.

Can I change the resolution of the scanned image?

The resolution is connected to the quality of the camera on your phone. Higher camera quality result in a higher resolution of the scanned image.

What does the Whitelines App do?

Whitelines App will adjust color tone differences in the paper caused by bad light and shadows. It will also remove any background noise and present your note with a pure white background to enhance the result. Of course, all your fine details from both pens and pencils, will be entirely preserved.

The note will be adjusted sideways and in perspective to adjust images captured from an angle. This means all notes will be displayed as scanned perfectly flat and will always fill the screen.

What file formats does the Whitelines App support?

The app supports the file formats PDF and PNG.

How do I create a stack in the Whitelines App (link pages together)?

There are 3 different ways to create a stack:

  1. In the main view, tap the hamburger symbol down at the left and choose “Organize”. Tap the notes that you want to add to your stack. When finished, tap the stack button up at the top bar to stack them.
  2. In the main view, press-and-hold on the note you want to start with. Add notes to your stack by tapping on them. When finished, tap the stack button up at the top bar to stack them.
  3. When capturing your note, stay in the capture mode and continue capture pages one at a time. Notes that is captured in a row is saved as a stack.


How do I unstack my notes?

Press-and-hold on the stack that you want to unstack. Tap the unstack button up at the top bar to unstack.

How do I edit labels and filter my notes?

To add a label to your note or stack, simply tap on your note and then tap on the square symbol at the bottom of the page and choose a label to give it a label. To edit labels tap on “Edit labels”

Can I import images to the app?

You cannot (yet) import images to the app.

Is Whitelines App compatible with tablets?

Yes, the app works with most tablets.

Roaring Sping, Shinjudo, Australian Paper and Papelesa; who are they? Are they have the right to produce Whitelines?

They are our licencee partners in different makets around the world. So yes, they have the rights to produce!

In USA Whitelines products are licensed, manufactured and distributed by Roaring Spring Paper Products.

In Australia and New Zealand Whitelines products are licensed, manufactured and distributed by Australian paper.

In Equador, Panama, Uruguay, Paraguay and Colombia Whitelines products are licensed, manufactured and distributed by Papelesa.