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Whitelines pitch

Whitelines – Makes your notes stand out.

White lines are easy on the eye and make your notes stand out.

Dark lines distract, white lines don´t.

The idea is simple. Dark lines distract, white lines don´t. On Whitelines your drawing and writing stands out since there is no visual interference between the lines and the pen marks.

Whitelines App automatically scans your notes and makes them easy to save and share.

Whitelines App is a free smartphone app that together with Whitelines paper makes it super easy to save or share your note in a way you like. Download it from App Store or Google Play. Let the app and the paper see each other and the rest will happen automatically.

Promotion material

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Images, film and media

Images: High-res images
Campaign material: Posters and images
Interview with Olof Hansson (PDF)
Film: Whitelines Link
Film: How it all started
Film: The Concept

Graphic material and logotypes

Whitelines manifest
Don’t just do it (PDF)

Whitelines logo is available in three versions; white, black and orange. Which one you use depends on the background.

Use with advantage the white logotype and not combined with other visual elements (for example flags, signs, office material or other logotypes). Whitelines logo may only be used when Whitelines is the sender, publisher, producer or organiser – either alone or in collaboration with others.

Whitelines-logotypes (zip)

Whitelines communication channels