By Carl-Philippe Carr

What are Sketchnotes? Sketchnotes are visual notes consisting of a mix of handwriting, drawings, symbols, hand-drawn typography and graphic elements like arrows, boxes and notes. Mike Rohde – you can name him as the “founder of sketchnotes” says: It’s about ideas and not art. You do not need to be…

10 Note Taking Tips – How to take neat and effective study notes

By Carl-Philippe Carr

I think most students can agree that note taking is a crucial part of learning new information. Taking notes by hand helps the brain retain information better, and by having an effective system for note taking, you’re not only learning the material well, but you’re also making neat and informative…

Revision Techniques – Tips and tricks

By Carl-Philippe Carr

Revision is something us students simply can’t avoid, but we can make it more bearable by exploring different methods and listening to some tips to make it more effective. Methods Everyone finds different revision methods that work for them, and they can also differ from subject to subject. Notes Writing…