Whitelines A4 Dotted Notebook

What makes Whitelines unique?

The paper is tinted in a light grey tone which makes it less tiring for the eye than using a white paper. The white lines support your writing and drawing without the distractions from conventional dark lines, and makes your notes stand out. The background disappears when you scan the page with Whitelines free app.

Whitelines (free) App

The Whitelines App works in conjunction with Whitelines paper and is the easiest way to scan, save and share your notes. Available on the App Store or Google Play.

Product specifications

Article No | WL104
Format | A4+
Inlay | Dotted
Bindning | Wire
Sheets | 60 (120 pages)
Paper | 80g
Size | 222 x 297 mm
Eco Label: FSC C1077001

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